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NI3C - National ICT Innovation and Integration Center Brief

News article

National ICT Innovation and Integration Center Brief

On Tuesday August 9, 2011 by Barnabas Sang

Brief on NI3C



“A Leading Center in Promoting Sharing of Best Practices and Success Stories in the use of Modern Tools in Teaching and Learning”


“To collect, test and share ICT Innovations and harness emerging technologies for integration in all aspects of education (teaching, learning and management)”

Slogan: inspire, create and transform education

National ICT Innovation and Integration Center (NI3C) is established under the Ministry of Education as a capacity development hub for effective use of ICT in education and training. Through its work, pedagogic-didactic aspects of ICT integration will be demonstrated and tested before use by teachers, students, education managers and public. The centre will, in particular, offer opportunities for new technologies to be tested and demonstrated before dissemination. To achieve the Centre’s objectives, this facility will work closely with the sector’s specialized institutions, including, TSC, KESI, CEMASTEA, KIE, KISE and other stakeholders.


General Objective

Develop a centre of excellence to identify and drive ICT innovations and their integration in all aspects of education and training. A sector-wide approach in the development and use of innovations will enhance the realization of education and training objectives.

Specific Objectives

1) To develop and demonstrate the application of ICT technologies and new pedagogic/didactic aspects of ICT  in learning, teaching and management
2) Develop and show-case different solutions and scenarios in the deployment of ICT integration at the school level
3) Testing new “ICT Innovations and Integration”, ideas and experiments for use by teachers and learners.
4) Provide guidance and support to schools and field offices in their efforts to develop and implement ICT driven programme activities and integration processes.
5) Provide advice to education managers on ICT innovations and integration aspects referred to the Centre.

Establishment of the NI3C

The Center has been setup after a consultative process that has taken six years after a group of education stakeholders in the 2003 Education Conference recommended that the Ministry setup a facility to spearhead the testing and guidance of education institutions in acquisition, use and integration of technology in teaching and learning. In 2005 a proposal was developed through a patnership framework within the Ministry where the Center was proposed to provide first line support and coordinate the development and promotion of National Education Portal for teachers.

In 2008, the Ministry in Partnership with VVOB identified SMASSE Building as ideal having been earmarked for the setup of National ICT Center during handing over of the Kenya Science College to the University of Nairobi.

Having secured the necessary funding to start off the refurbishment and operationalization of the Center, the design and works of the current center began in October 2010 with establishment of:

  • 40 seat Computer Lab that has flexibility of partitioning to have 25-seat and 15 seat training centers;
  • Two 20 seat Computer labs (one hosting the testing of thin client solutions – Ncomputing or Multiseat)
  • A resource center that will be used to undertake research and development related works that is expected of the Center
  • Modern Server Room which hosts National Education Portal for Teachers (, NI3C Website and National Helpdesk Site ( and a number of applications.
  • Investment of a number of ICT facilities for demonstrating various aspects of ICT integration in lesson plans or content for teachers.

The facility is expected to be expanded to have catering facility, extra parking and guaranteed power supply.

ICT Demostration by ICT Champions

Role of Parnership

The Center plans to have a wide array of partnership in order to achieve its mandate. The center will collaborate with research institutions as well as universities in order to ensure that ICT is grounded on solid foundation in pedagogy and in the transformation of education sector so as to respond to specific needs of the 21st century learning.



Barnabas Sang wrote on Saturday August 27, 2011 at 22:53

The Demo indeed illustrated the how an ICT integrated lesson can be used to present difficult concepts in a subject. The Hon. Minister indeed was able to expound on clarity that comes with use of ICT and collaboration and engagement of students in a lesson.

Zachariah Mbasu wrote on Sunday April 8, 2012 at 20:54

Well done Kinyanjui and Muya!